Trackless Wooden Bobsled Coaster - Flying Turns - Knoebels Amusement Park

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[4K] A look at Flying Turns - "the World's only wooden bobsled roller coaster" at Knoebels Amusement park in Elyburgs, Pennsylvania. It's really like riding on a trackless coaster. The 2nd POV is a bobsled ride over in Efteling Theme Park in the Netherlands.

Flying Turns ride costs only $3.50 to ride.

So which bobsled do you like the most? the 1st POV of the wooden bobsled coaster? or the Efteling Bobsled coaster? Leave your favorite in the comment below.

For more info, please visit their official website at

Fun fact: Knoebels is America's Largest Free-Admission Amusement Park

Flying Turns filmed August 2019. Efteling Bobsled filmed May 2019.

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